May 2nd Thursday

It is a beautiful morning. Am so sorry C___ is feeling so poorly. Expect to start to night for Detroit where Sate Walter Millard lives. Are having such a pleasant visit here at Mr. West’s. He brought us to the depot & took us a ride around the principal streets & up around the Sanitariums where there are so many buildings connected with it- hospital, school, greenhouses, etc.- all so large & commodious, occupy a large tract of ground which are kept in fine order & the private residences of the advents with their store buildings etc. are by themselves, as according to their belief all business is suspended on Saturday & Sunday. Their places of business are open this fore noon. We went on & found her that was Emma Snell who married Asahel L’hommedieu years ago & then was divorced. She owns a place on No 10 Barlett Street not far from Mr. West’s store & has married again to a man by the name of Eldrid. She seemed very much surprised to see us as well as delighted. C___ not very well.

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