Meeting Sojourner Truth

While reading about Battle Creek, I found out about this fascinating woman named Sojourner Truth. One statement said that she was “perhaps the most famous African-American woman in 19th century America.” So why don’t I remember learning about her? By now I am pretty sure that I slept through any and all history classes I ever took. Or maybe she was never mentioned. I thought I would introduce you to her as well, just in case I wasn’t the only one asleep!

Sojourner Truth lived from 1797 until 1883. She was born into slavery as Isabella. She married in 1815 and had several children. In 1826 she walked to freedom with her youngest child; she had to leave the others but ended up seeing them all again. In fact she lived with a couple of her daughters in her later years. She became a Christian around 1828 and changed her name to Sojourner Truth in 1843. She wanted to travel, preach, and speak against injustices. She was illiterate and yet had no qualms about speaking against slavery, for women’s rights and sufferage, for temperance, and for the end of capital punishment. I found it incredible that she even filed and won three lawsuits… she was an ex-slave, a woman, illiterate, and apparently very determined. I especially like the story about how she went and retrieved her son, Peter, when he was sold illegally into slavery from New York into Alabama!

Adaline crossed through Battle Creek 12 years after the death of Sojourner Truth. I am glad that I got to learn about this incredible lady in our travels.

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  1. Puts my daily battles into perspective.

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