Almost Home

When I first read that line about them almost being able to leave for home I was a little confused. At first I thought they were leaving to go back to Bellwood, Neb. but then I realized that she is talking about “home,” as in the place she was born and raised. They are nearly to Shelby County, New York.

Adaline has also been mentioning more of her family members so I thought I better get to work organizing who everyone is for you all. If you look over to the right side of the page I have started creating pages for each family. I hope to add to the list pretty regularly so keep your eyes open for any changes. I also plan to have them linked together so you can click on a name and see who their parents are or who their children are. Just run your mouse over the names if you want to see if there is a link there. Hopefully this will be a pretty easy way to make sense of all the generations.

Right now we see Adaline between homes. Behind her is her current home and the homes of her children; she just sent a letter to her oldest son and his wife, Dan and Minnie. On the road in front of her is the home of her parents and of her youth. They are almost there!

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