It’s a party!

This is a little detour from our typical posts from Adaline and about life in 1895. Since Adaline is always seeming to visit with friends and family as she makes her way from Bellwood, Neb. to her parents’ place in New York, I thought she might be interested in this party! It is all about bringing mommy bloggers together for some fun, to meet some new people, and to win prizes! So check it out if you want to play along!

Here is a little bit about Adaline:

At the time of this journal writing, she is 56 years old. She has four living children who are beginning to get married and have children of their own, so she is at a place in her life where it is possible to get away from the family farm and travel a little bit. Like many people her age she is being called upon to come take care of her parents’ things since their deaths. And so we find her on a journey back to where she was born and where she last saw her parents. She appears to have a wonderful faith that we get glimpses of along the way.

Feel free to look back at where we have been and then to stick around to see what is ahead!

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Battle Creek

For some reason Battle Creek was a name I felt like I should know. Maybe it was in some history book I read with the intention of filling in all the right answers on a test, or maybe I had heard this little bit of trivia somewhere along the line: Battle Creek is Cereal City. The place Kellogg invented corn flakes as a health food and where Post followed quickly behind.Battle Creek

In fact the Sanitarium that Adaline drove around was the very place that Kellogg made his now famous cereal. It began with a large number of Seventh Day Adventists who placed a high priority on diet and health. Dr. Kellogg was the director there where he viewed it as “a place where people learn to stay well.” Soon his brother joined him, and they formed the cereal we know today. In 1891 C.W. Post was there as a patient and picked up some ideas of his own. Other guests of “the San” were President Taft, Eleanor Roosevelt, J.C. Penny, and Amelia Earhart. The buildings that Adaline saw were destroyed in a fire in 1902 and had to be rebuilt.

Adaline also tells us of a surprise visit to Emma Snell. I was surprised to find a list of pictures from old streets and houses, and from what I can tell Emma’s house is listed! I love finding old pictures. I have been posting links but I know that they are hard to see in this font. On past entries, try running your mouse over the text if you think there might be a link there. Today, I am experimenting with making all the links bold. Does that help?

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May 2nd Thursday

It is a beautiful morning. Am so sorry C___ is feeling so poorly. Expect to start to night for Detroit where Sate Walter Millard lives. Are having such a pleasant visit here at Mr. West’s. He brought us to the depot & took us a ride around the principal streets & up around the Sanitariums where there are so many buildings connected with it- hospital, school, greenhouses, etc.- all so large & commodious, occupy a large tract of ground which are kept in fine order & the private residences of the advents with their store buildings etc. are by themselves, as according to their belief all business is suspended on Saturday & Sunday. Their places of business are open this fore noon. We went on & found her that was Emma Snell who married Asahel L’hommedieu years ago & then was divorced. She owns a place on No 10 Barlett Street not far from Mr. West’s store & has married again to a man by the name of Eldrid. She seemed very much surprised to see us as well as delighted. C___ not very well.

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