May 20 Monday

Washed. Quite cool & has the appearance of a frost to night as thermometer indicates 36. Mrs. Skinner & another lady from Medina called soliciting for supper in parlors of Prespt. church Wednesday eve as they have a reception for this newly ordain installed pastor.

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May 19th Sunday

Expected to attend church at Medina but soon after breakfast it began to rain so did not think best to go. But Mary Knickerbocker came along & Belle rode with her to Millville to church & in the evening Chauncey, Harvey, Carrie, Belle & I attended at Millville one of a series of lectures he is giving. Subject: Religion in business & business religion. Was very interesting & a large crowd there.

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It’s Planting Time

I have been wondering how exactly things were done on these farms during the time Adaline was writing, so I was really excited to get a little glimpse of that in her writing. It seems that Harvey is still doing things the “old-fashioned way” by planting his corn with a hoe, while “the boys” that she refers to from back in Nebraska are busy with their harrows, cultivators, and other farm equipment.

I found a time-line detailing the History of American Agriculture. It states that the first American Agricultural Revolution dates from the late 1860’s and early 1870’s with the shift from hand power to horses. Maybe Harvey really was behind the times! That site also states that the second American Agricultural Revolution didn’t occur until 1945-1970 with the change from horses to tractors along with other technological practices- that is almost 100 years later! Things have been changing quickly ever since. It is an interesting site to check out. It also lists differences in amounts of fertilizers used over time and how the yield per acre has changed. One other fact is that in the early 1890’s, farmers made up about 43% of the labor force while today people involved in agriculture only make up 2%.

On another note, Harvey is planting seeds when it is still freezing outside… at the end of May… This is crazy!

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May 18th Saturday

Another light frost last night. Quite pleasant this morning but grew colder towards night. Chauncey went to the office after dinner. Boys have 2 or 3 extra hands at work, 7 men 20 horses with cultivator, harrow, corn planter, & plows in motion so think they must be busy at work. Said George Bagby had left. This afternoon Carrie, Belle, Chauncey & I went to Medina then to Shelby Centre & called on Mrs. Zimmerman, a sister of Emma L’hommedieu Eldrid, whom I called on at Battle Creek. Had such a pleasant ride. Sent a letter to Mrs. Lillie & Mrs. J.A. West. Harvey just begun to plant corn to day & depends on the old fashioned way, with a hoe, rather a slow process our boys would think. Mr. & Herman Coan & Lucy Jane called & Belle went with them to Christian Endeavor which meets every Saturday eve at Cong church or brick church Millville

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May 17th Friday

Very pleasant morning. Another white frost last night. Still cool enough so we are obliged to sit by the fire to keep warm. Wrote to Mrs. Lillie & Mrs. West & in the afternoon called at Oscar’s awhile. Rec’d letter from Minnie. Boys are getting along all right. Have 160 acres of corn in & working on the 55 acre place.

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Just Like a Mother

In case anyone was wondering, or if you haven’t looked over at the families listed to the right, Belle is the daughter of Chauncey and Adaline. At the time of this writing she is about 26 years old and has been living in New York for awhile. I think it has been about a year since Adaline has seen Belle. It surprises me that it has taken her this long to mention her thoughts about Belle, they have been there for 10 days already! Mothers seem to be the first ones to notice if something is not quite right with their children. Apparently Adaline is no different. She even compares their weights!

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May 16th Thursday

Another frost. Harvey & Belle took Fred & Clara down to depot this morning to start for home. It is very pleasant. Mrs. Mead called up this morning. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Prudden were here to dinner & had a pleasant visit with them. Mr. Vail the cong. minister was installed this evening & Harvey, Chauncey, Belle, Carrie & I went down. The exercises were very interesting indeed.

Mrs. Prudden invited us there for next Tuesday for a visit. Belle does not seem very well. Weights 112 while I weigh 119.

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May 15th Wednesday

Pleasant but cold wind blowing. Harvey, Fred, & Chauncey went over south this forenoon to see if they could sell that farm to Mr. Welsh. This afternoon we went to Medina. Fred, Clara, Belle, Chauncey & I & called at Mr. Merritt’s & into some of the stores. Yesterday Harvey went to Lockport to draw money from bank of Pa’s but cannot get it till next week some time was an inch or two of snow on ground up there.

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May 14th Tuesday

Snowing & rainy all day & sitting by a good coal fire to keep comfortable. Mr. & Mrs. Sherwood over last evening. Harvey went to Lockport.

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May 13th Monday

It is very cold. Had a fire to sit by yesterday & today & found it very comfortable. A very cold wind & found it very unpleasant riding as we all but Harvey went up to the cemetery, the quiet city of the dead where the remains of our dear parents rest. Have fixed the monument- have put up a new base, & head stones to the graves of Pa & Ma & the yard is very nice & kept in fine order & the thought so sad that we ne’er can meet again in this world. But oh! we hope to see them again in that bright world beyond that is especially prepared for those who love & serve God here, let us be more earnest more faithful.

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