May 24th Friday

Some warmer but cloudy. Saw a squaw go by in one horse wagon with a load of baskets this morning. This afternoon C___, Carrie, Belle, & I went to Medina & called at Mrs Meads. Wallace L’hommedieu over here this evening. Went with Belle to Dr. Snedts to be treated.

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May 23rd Thursday

A very pleasant day but wind quite high this afternoon. Wrote to Charlie Nelson this morning. Belle making her Auntie a new waist this P.M. Mrs Sherwood & her sister Mrs Church called.

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May 22nd Wednesday

A very nice pleasant morning & seems more like being warmer as it’s a week Sunday since it has been so cold have had to have a fire to keep warm by. Another frost last night. Harvey is spraying the orchard to day. Sun shining brightly but wind blowing cold. Elisah West came this afternoon, and this evening we went to Medina to attend the reception tendered the new Pres___ Pastor a large crowd & pleasant gathering there. A letter from Fred- need rain, oats turning yellow- Chet & L(?) listing in corn on hill west of the house where the rye was so poor.

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May 21st Tuesday

A big frost last night being the sixth one since this cold weather. Thermometer this morning & by papers this cold spell has extended over a large territory both east & west & much damage is done thereby in various places. There was an excursion over the Nickle Plate road for different points west to day but I felt as though my visit was hardly made out. This afternoon took a ride around Medina & then to Mr. Prudden’s & took tea. Carrie, Belle, Chauncey & I had a very pleasant visit. Sara Prudden is in quite poor health. Had to give up school teaching about Christmas. Still very cold for May.

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A Young Adaline

I feel so bad about neglecting this blog for so long, so to make it up to you here are some photos! Click on the images to seem them larger.

Young Adaline

This was such a cool find. Wasn’t she pretty? This is a photo of Adaline probably dating to the 1850’s, so she would be in her late teens or early twenties. It is not a daguerreotype, but is probably a tintype or ambrotype. The latter two types of photography were less expensive and I don’t think that the sitter (the person in the photo) had to sit still for quite so long.

Photo case

The case itself is only three or four inches high. In case you were wondering, no, I don’t own it… although how fun would that be? I do, however, have the contact information of the woman who does. If any family is interested in purchasing it from her, let me know through the comments and I will get you more information. Unfortunately it was more money than I was willing to spend!

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