Belle’s Cookbook

I recently received a family copy of The Butterick Cook Book: with special chapters about casserole and fireless cooking. You can get one for yourself for only $7.00 at Abebooks! But what is special about this particular book is the writing inside: Belle Burch 1912. The cook book itself was published in 1911. How exciting to have a book that belonged to Adaline’s daughter.

There are some very interesting recipes inside. On May 26 Adaline mentioned a dinner of veal pot pie and strawberry shortcake. Interested in recreating that meal? This might be a good place to start!

VEAL STEW, OR POT PIE, WITH DUMPLINGS- The ends of the ribs, the neck and the knuckle may be utilized for a stew. Take three pounds of veal; two small onions; five potatoes; one tablespoon of butter; one cup of milk; salt and pepper. Cut the meat into pieces the size of a teacup, and place them in a kettle with the onion, salt and pepper and enough water just to cover them. Simmer gently until the meat is tender, about an hour being generally sufficient. Strips of salt pork are sometimes cooked in with the veal and add much to the flavor. Half an hour before serving add the potatoes, cut in halves, and boil them with the meat. Use for the dumplings; one pint of flour; one-half a large tablespoon of lard; one teaspoon of baking-powder; one teaspoon of salt; mix to moisten. Stir the baking-powder and salt into the flour, and rub in the lard with a spoon until the whole is thoroughly mixed. Add enough milk to moisten the flour, and make a dough, taking care not to make the mixture too wet. Flour the baking-board, roll the dough out an inch thick, and cut out as for biscuit. Put the pieces on a plate, set the plate in a steamer over the steam, and steam twenty minutes. When the dumplings are done, place them on a platter, and with a skimmer lift the meat and potato from the kettle and lay them on the platter. Add the milk and butter to the gravy in the kettle, and thicken with a little flour stirred to a thin, smooth paste with water. Pour the gravy over meat and dumplings. If the stew should seem quite boiled down, the dumplings should be steamed over a separate kettle of boiling water, as the rapid boiling necessary for their cooking reduces the stew very much. Another mode of cooking the dumplings is to boil them in with the stew; but they are very apt to be heavy unless served the moment they are done. Steamed dumplings can always be relied upon to be light.

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE- Make a suitable quantity of baking powder biscuit dough; and instead of cutting it into biscuits, quickly roll it out about one-half inch thick, lay it upon a flat, buttered plate, and bake at once. While it is still hot cut the crust around the edge so the cake can be pulled apart in equal pieces, and spread the inner side of each half with butter. Crush a pint of ripe strawberries, sweeten them, and spread them upon the buttered sides of the cake. Now arrange upon the lower half an even layer of whole berries, using the smaller ones for the purpose; and sprinkle with sugar. Lay upon these berries the other half, crust side down, cover it with a layer of the finest berries, and sprinkle them generously with sugar. Serve cold with cream, or hot, as preferred.

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June 6th Thursday.

Quite pleasant. cool so Chauncey wore his over coat this after noon Harvey drawing sand for the road & C__ & I rode to Millville called on Mrs Morgan at Laura Potters & Herman Coans & walked home got letter from Chet had rains there so boys feel quite jubilant said Jim Hill & some others had to plant over their corn on account of frost have had a hard wind blow for 2 days did damage to our rye & corn on the sandy land west of house. had planted over 16 acres of pop corn. but crops were looking pretty good now Mrs Mary Weed Gilbert & son called here to night had a pleasant chat etc.

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June 5th Wednesday

This morning Belle & her pa went to Medina got two trunks a suit of clothes etc & Belle got some more medicine from Dr Smett. & I ironed this fore noon. They got caught in a little rain or showers but it did not storm hard enough to prevent our accepting an invitation to visit this PM at Mr. Sahradey her that was Frank Linsby (Guilbert’s daughter) Horace Linsby wife son & daughter were also there. & had a very pleasant visit

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June 4th Tuesday

Oh how warm- hottest day of the season. registered at 104 Mrs Sherwood called this afternoon. washed

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Some pictures of Rochester

Adaline mentioned quite a few places they saw in Rochester. Here is some further information and a few photos. Some of the pictures are from ten or so years after she went through, so things might have looked a little different but it still gives a good idea of the city at that time:

Portsmouth Terrace Now this street is in The Neighborhood of the Arts

Information on Vick the seed man

Sibley, Lindsay and Curr Company The building Adaline saw burned down in 1904 and was then rebuilt. I could find no pictures of the building before the fire, although there are a couple of pictures of the building as it was burning. Photo 1 Photo 2 I am thinking the taller building on the left side must have been the 12 story building that Adaline wrote about.

Powers Block

Savings Bank

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June 3 Monday

Still very warm. Electa took the train for Medina early this morning. Carrie & I took a walk which was very pleasant & called at Mr Hatch’s on her that was Mary Sherwood Frye now Hatch. lives at Portsmouth Terrace saw the place Vick of world renown fame as seed man used to live, now deceased. and so many very nice residences Then we returned to Amelia’s & took dinner & then started for Powers block & called on Wm Bennett at 423, in that block had a pleasant call there then went to the savings bank at Faye then visited the large establishment 12 stories high at Sibley’s,  Lindsay & Curr Co. then after doing some trading left for Medina.

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Visiting Churches in Rochester

They did a lot of church visiting in Rochester! Amazingly enough, at least one of the three churches that she mentions still exists. 3rd Presbyterian Church has been meeting since 1827, it seems like in the same location as well. And in case you don’t check out the site, yes, it was the third Presbyterian Church in Rochester. The first and second church aren’t around anymore under those names. It was the Second Presbyterian Church that Adaline referred to as the Brick church (unless there was another Brick Church around). You can see a picture here. I also found a website briefly describing all the Presbyterian Churches of the time. Apparently the Brick Church is now used by Central Church of Christ. And the Central Church complex is now home to the Hochstein School of Music (scroll down to read about the church).

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June 2nd Sunday

It is very warm and was 1 in N.Y. city yesterday. Electa came last night & she & I went to 3rd Presbyterian church corner of Meigs & East Ave St. to church- about 400 in Sabbath School Carrie went over to Herman Coan’s son’s Henry Coan’s last night at O’Brien Place No 1. & I went to church with him to day at Central Church a very large one where they have a Sabbath School of 2 or 3ooo. Oh so very warm in the evening. Electa, Carrie, and & went to the large brick church where for 50 yrs Dr Shaw preached a very smart man. Mr Taylor now presiding.

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June 1st Saturday

It is very warm indeed this morning & after so nice a visit with our dear friend Cetta, the old neighbor and schoolmate who is so pleasantly situated in Berger we leave her this morning for Rochester. Arrived at Rochester about 9:30 took East Marin St. car from Sibleys & Brooke Fitsimmons Home & Cosc(?) , for Alexander St where we met Homer Beldings coming to meet us. Found Amelia quite poorly with rheumatism. They live in a very pleasant part of the city after resting a while we went & called on Mrs Wm. Bent found her & Libbie living at a very pleasant place then called on Mrs Mary Curtis (Henry Prudden’s daughter) & returned to Amelia’s

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May 31 Friday

Last night was a very warm night & very pleasant this morning with a fine breeze. Cetta, Carrie, & I went over to their son Bert Fisher’s to call & enjoyed it very much as Bert came home & played several times on his phonograph & they have a parrot there too so we had a very pleasant time. & after dinner (we) Mrs Fisher, Bert’s wife Eva & little boy with Cetta, Carrie & I went & took a ride had livery rig & went to both Bergen & called on a Mrs Steele whose mother Mrs Bird lives with them & is a cousin of Harvey’s Mother. They have a large nice pleasant place & enjoyed it very much & the ride too about six miles from here & Bert & wife here to tea to night went around their yards with Mrs Fisher it is so warm

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