May 27th Monday

Cold & cloudy ther °48 this morning washing in afternoon Chauncey, Belle, Carrie, & I took Elizah West over to his home on the big ridge & came around by Medina & called at Mrs. Meads to see about the house renting & also at milliners to get my hat

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May 26th Sunday

Very pleasant. Harvey, Carrie, Elizah West & John went to Medina & C___ & I staid home, had veal pot pie & strawberry shortcake for dinner. Wrote to Minnie Burch also Amelia Belding that we’d be there if nothing happened Wednesday night at Rochester. A little shower just at night, but cleared away just in time so Harvey, Carrie, Chauncey & I went to evening church at Millville, Belle went an hour earlier & attended the Christian Endeavors meeting & came home with us. It was a long service & very interesting. The house was crowded Mr. Keeley is a great worker

Thermometer near 80 to day

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May 25th Saturday

A very pleasant morning. Chauncey & I went to Medina in single carriage. Having a new bonnet. This afternoon Chauncey & Belle & myself went to take a ride. The sun under a cloud & very pleasant riding. Called at John Remele’s, at Mr. Shroder’s (her that was Frank Linsleys, Guilbert Linsleys’ daughter) at Horace Linsleys’ & saw old Mrs. L’hommedieu, 96 years old. Is very smart & interesting to talk with. The last of Pa’s near & dear friends & neighbors except Guy Sherwood who is some younger. And also called at Mrs. Woodfords. Saw her daughter Mary Wood who is now a widow, John Guilbert’s, & lives with her mother.

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May 24th Friday

Some warmer but cloudy. Saw a squaw go by in one horse wagon with a load of baskets this morning. This afternoon C___, Carrie, Belle, & I went to Medina & called at Mrs Meads. Wallace L’hommedieu over here this evening. Went with Belle to Dr. Snedts to be treated.

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May 23rd Thursday

A very pleasant day but wind quite high this afternoon. Wrote to Charlie Nelson this morning. Belle making her Auntie a new waist this P.M. Mrs Sherwood & her sister Mrs Church called.

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May 22nd Wednesday

A very nice pleasant morning & seems more like being warmer as it’s a week Sunday since it has been so cold have had to have a fire to keep warm by. Another frost last night. Harvey is spraying the orchard to day. Sun shining brightly but wind blowing cold. Elisah West came this afternoon, and this evening we went to Medina to attend the reception tendered the new Pres___ Pastor a large crowd & pleasant gathering there. A letter from Fred- need rain, oats turning yellow- Chet & L(?) listing in corn on hill west of the house where the rye was so poor.

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May 21st Tuesday

A big frost last night being the sixth one since this cold weather. Thermometer this morning & by papers this cold spell has extended over a large territory both east & west & much damage is done thereby in various places. There was an excursion over the Nickle Plate road for different points west to day but I felt as though my visit was hardly made out. This afternoon took a ride around Medina & then to Mr. Prudden’s & took tea. Carrie, Belle, Chauncey & I had a very pleasant visit. Sara Prudden is in quite poor health. Had to give up school teaching about Christmas. Still very cold for May.

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May 20 Monday

Washed. Quite cool & has the appearance of a frost to night as thermometer indicates 36. Mrs. Skinner & another lady from Medina called soliciting for supper in parlors of Prespt. church Wednesday eve as they have a reception for this newly ordain installed pastor.

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May 19th Sunday

Expected to attend church at Medina but soon after breakfast it began to rain so did not think best to go. But Mary Knickerbocker came along & Belle rode with her to Millville to church & in the evening Chauncey, Harvey, Carrie, Belle & I attended at Millville one of a series of lectures he is giving. Subject: Religion in business & business religion. Was very interesting & a large crowd there.

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May 18th Saturday

Another light frost last night. Quite pleasant this morning but grew colder towards night. Chauncey went to the office after dinner. Boys have 2 or 3 extra hands at work, 7 men 20 horses with cultivator, harrow, corn planter, & plows in motion so think they must be busy at work. Said George Bagby had left. This afternoon Carrie, Belle, Chauncey & I went to Medina then to Shelby Centre & called on Mrs. Zimmerman, a sister of Emma L’hommedieu Eldrid, whom I called on at Battle Creek. Had such a pleasant ride. Sent a letter to Mrs. Lillie & Mrs. J.A. West. Harvey just begun to plant corn to day & depends on the old fashioned way, with a hoe, rather a slow process our boys would think. Mr. & Herman Coan & Lucy Jane called & Belle went with them to Christian Endeavor which meets every Saturday eve at Cong church or brick church Millville

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